Herbie goes to Monte Carlo, 1977

The third in the Herbie films from Walt Disney, the 1963 volkswagon which thinks, acts and communicates (via rain wipers, the dash radio, tires, doors opening and closing, and most particularly by taking charge of the wheel and steering on its own) with its human owner race car driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) is entered into the Trans-France Race, aka The Monte Carlo Rally, in which racers start from multiple locations in Europe to then all merge in Monaco. The actual race was begun in 1911 by the Prince of Monaco Albert I as a showcase for automotive innovation.

This sequel stars Julie Sommars as racer Diane Darcy, who drives a 1976 Lancia Scorpion, which causes Herbie "The Love Bug" to fall in love, and complications ensue as Diane Darcy thinks Jim Douglas is deliberately trying to sabotage her as the race progresses, when in fact it is only Herbie trying to gain the affection of the Lancia Scorpion that Darcy drives.

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