The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - 1920

Conrad Veidt - 1920

This 1920 German film is so influential that elements continue to show up in modern films. The representation of the psychological state of the characters was revolutionary for its time, and the monster on the loose visuals have been copied over and over. From the Todd Browning Dracula to various Tim Burton movies, the effect of Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is seen. Sometimes this film is listed as "the first horror film." It is almost certainly the first film which depends upon understanding the psychology of the story to comprehend what is happening from forthright "realistic" beginning, through the middle section of painted shadows and German expressionaist scenery, and the rationalizing, self-debunking ending.

Directed by Robert Wine. Cinemaphotography by Willy Hameister. Starred Conrad Veidt and Warner Krauss.

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