Yanqui Go Home - 1961

The Barbara Stanwyck Show - Broadcast May 1, 1961 on NBC

Stanwyck and Dana Andrews are an "Amerikano" couple in South America, trapped in a revolution that's turned the country upside-down, "Yanqui go home' graffiti on the walls of the town around them.

Andrews (as engineer Clint Evans) blows off the violence that's getting closer to them as just another Latin American scrape, but Stanwyck (as Fanny Evans) finally convinces him of the danger they are in, and having missed the plane to get out, they make a dash for the coast by car. They don't get far before warring factions of revolutionaries catch up with them.

Tensions in the 15-year-old marriage, mostly in regards to mysteries in Clint's past, turns the escape into a rolling series of revelations, about why Clint has long avoided going back to the United States, among other things which threaten to end their relationship for good.

When the two are forced at gunpoint to join up with a native who has grabbed local church relics and valuables to keep them from the hands of the advancing violence and looting, together they end up running on foot through the jungle for their lives.

Hampered by limited run-time, Andrews and Stanwyck build up an effective melodrama during the first segments, but the lack of minutes at the end rushes the climax.

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