Bela Lugosi Dracula Actor 1931

Bela Lugosi

aka Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko (or Bela Lugosi Blasko)

Born October 22, 1882 in Lugos, Hungary*. Died August 16, 1956 in Los Angeles, California. Was trained at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts and his study was specialized in the dramatic arts. Was member number 28 of the Screen Actors Guild. Trained in Shakespeare in his native Hungary, but was reduced to type roles following the success of the 1931 Dracula film.

He once was quoted as saying

"In Hungary acting is a career for which one fits himself as earnestly and studiously as one studies for a degree in medicine, law or philosophy. In Hungary, acting is a profession."

He appeared on Broadway for the 1927 stage production of Dracula* before taking the titular role in the Tod Browning film of 1931 which consequently made Lugosi a film star but typecast him for the rest of his career (for example he appeared in a 6-month run of Dracula while in England for 6 months).

Lugosi's morphine addiction

Lugosi began receiving morphine treatments for physical pain in his legs around the time of the making of the 1935 Mark of the Vampire.

"Methadone treatment, with its heinous side-effects, was virtually unknown throughout most of the world until the 1960s; but it had been developed in England during the late thirties, and something was known there of its effect in treating addiction. Bela had journeyed to England in 1938, anxious for a methadone cure. He later said, "I smuggled a box of it back. I guess I bought a pound." Treating himself under methadone in the privacy of his home, Lugosi eventually realized to his despair that he had traded one drug problem for another. He said "I didn't eat. I got sicker and sicker." From Heroes of the Horrors, by Calvin Beck. Page 101. MacMillan Publishing, 1975.

Not exactly Plan 9

Bela Lugosi and Tor, and Vampira and Marcello

More Bela

White Zombie - 1932

The Body Snatcher - 1945

Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man - 1943

Plan 9 from Outer Space - 1959

Chandu the Magician - 1932

Ninotchka - 1939


* Sometimes Bela Lugosi's birth year is reported as 1880, 1882, and 1889.

All of the Bela Lugosi Films

Bela Lugosi FIlmography

Hungarian Films

SQ 1917 | Masked Ball | Role: René (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid) (original title Alarcosbal i.e., Masquerade Ball) Phoenix Films, Budapest, Hungary Released March 11, 1918

SQ 1917 | Leoni Leo | Role: Leoni Leo (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid)

SQ 1918 | Lili | Role: Plinchard / General (as Arisztid Olt) Released January 7, 1918

SQ 1918 | Der Fluch der bosen Tat | (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid)

SQ 1918 | Kuzdelem a Letert | Role: Orlay Pal (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid)

SQ 1918 | 99 | Role: Kurt Lingner (credited as Albert Lugesi) (Note: This film was directed by Michael Curtiz, who began his career in Hungary in 1912 using his native Hungarian name of Mihály Kertész) Released Sepetember 2, 1918

SQ 1918 | Lulu | (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid) (Note: This film was directed by Michael Curtiz)

SQ 1918 | The Colonel | Role: Ezredes (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid) Released December 18, 1918 (Note: This film was directed by Michael Curtiz)

SQ 1918 | Tavaszi vihar ("Spring Tempest") | Role: Renner the landlord, the husband (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid) Released on April 22, 1918

SQ 1918 | A Regiseggyujto ("The Antiques Collector") | Role: Unknown (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid) Released March 6, 1918

SQ 1918 | Naszdal ("The Wedding Song") | Role: Bertram, a violinist (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid) Released April 8, 1918

SQ 1918 | Az elet kiralya ("King of Life," or "Struggle of Life") | Role: Lord Henry Wotton (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid). This is listed as an adaptation of the Oscar Wilde story The Picture of Dorian Gray. Released July 1, 1918. (The Bela Lugosi web site seems to conflate this film with the another 1918 film The Leopard, that leopard, advertised in Hungarian film trade publications, may in fact have been a different title for this film Az elet kiralya).

SQ 1918 | A Leopard | Role: Cox, an architect (Bela credited under the name of Olt Arisztid) (Note: Apparently adapted by Jozsef Pakots from works by French Novelist Alphonse Daudet who lived 1840–1897, and had a work titled "The Struggle of Life")

SQ 1919 | Casanova | Role: Casanova - - This film is disputed by Bela Lugosi Jr as being a film his father appeared in. He says that though trade advertisements showed promotional material for Bela to appear in the role of Casanova, Alfred Deesy actually is listed in the film credits in the role, and Bela Lugosi is not included in those credits at all.

Films in German

SQ 1920 | Hypnosis aka Sklaven fremden Willens ("Slaves of an alien will") | Role: Professor Mors. Released January 3, 1920.

SQ 1919 | Nachenschnur des tot (i.e, Necklace of the Dead, or Necklace of Death) | Role:

SQ 1920 | Der Fluch der Menschheit ("The Curse of Mankind" Released in two parts, first being titled Die Tochter der Arbeit (The Daughter of Work) | Role: Andrew Fleurot

SQ 1920 | Der Fluch der Menschheit Part 2 - aka Im Rausche der Milliarden (Intoxicated by Billions).

SQ 1920 | Die Teufelsanbeter ("The Devil Worshipers") | Note: The Bela Lugosi website says there's no information about what part Bela played in this production.

SQ 1920 | Caravan of Death | Role: Scheik

SQ 1920 | Lederstrumpf, 2. Teil: Der Letzte der Mohikaner | Role: Chingachook

SQ 1920 | Die Frau im Delphin, oder 30 Tage auf dem Meeresgrund | Role: Tom Bill

SQ 1920 | Auf den Trümmern des Paradieses | Role:

SQ 1920 | Das ganze Sein ist flammend Leid ("Flaming Sorrow of existence") | Released September 1920.

SQ 1920 | Lederstrumpf I ("Leatherstocking" Part 1, adaptation of Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper) | Role: Chingachgook. Released November 10, 1920. (Also titled at IMDB as Lederstrumpf, 1. Teil: Der Letzte der Mohikaner)

SQ 1920 | Die Sklavenhalter von Kansas-City ("The Slave Owner of Kansas City") | Role: George Corvin. Released August 6, 1920.

SQ 1920 | Nat Pinkerton im Kampf,1. Teil - Das Ende des Artisten Bartolini | Role: Gang Leader. Released August 7, 1920.

SQ 1920 | Lederstrumpf II ("Leatherstocking") | Role: Chingachgook. Released November 10, 1920. (Also titled at IMDB as Lederstrumpf, 2. Teil: Der Letzte der Mohikaner)

SQ 1920 | Schrecken aka The Head of Janus ("The Terror") | Role: Dr. Warren’s Diener. Released December 26, 1920.

SQ 1921 | Apachenrache, 3. Teil - Die verschwundene Million | Role:

SQ 1922 | Ihre Hoheit die Tänzerin | Role:

American Films

SQ 1923 | The Silent Command | Role: Hisston (credits list him as Belo Lugosi)

SQ 1924 | He Who Gets Slapped | Role: Clown (uncredited - Bela Lugosi Jr has doubts whether Bela appeared in the film, though there are images that show Bela on the set visiting Lon Chaney.)

SQ 1924 | The Rejected Woman | Role: Jean Gagnon

SQ 1925 | Daughters Who Pay | Role: Serge Romonsky

SQ 1925 | The Midnight Girl | Role: Nicholas Harmon

SQ 1926 | Punchinello (Short) | Role: Harlequin

SQ 1928 | How to Handle Women | Role: Diplomat Aide

SQ 1929 | The Thirteenth Chair | Role: Inspector Delzante

SQ 1929 | The Last Performance | Role: Erik’s Screen Voice in the Hungarian Version

SQ 1929 | Prisoners | Role: Brottos - Nightclub Owner

SQ 1929 | The Veiled Woman | Role: Murdered Suitor

SQ 1930 | Oh, for a Man! | Role: Frescatti

SQ 1930 | Viennese Nights | Role: Count von Ratz - Hungarian Ambassador

SQ 1930 | Renegades | Role: The Marabout - the Sheik Muhammed Halid

SQ 1930 | Wild Company | Role: Felix Brown

SQ 1930 | King of Jazz | Role: Emcee - Hungarian Version

SQ 1930 | Such Men Are Dangerous | Role: Dr. Goodman

SQ 1931 | Broadminded | Role: Pancho Arango

SQ 1931 | The Black Camel | Role: Tarneverro

SQ 1931 | Women of All Nations | Role: Prince Hassan

SQ 1931 | 50 Million Frenchmen | Role: Orizon - a Magician

SQ 1931 | Dracula | Role: Count Dracula

SQ 1932 | Island of Lost Souls | Role: Sayer of the Law

SQ 1932 | The Death Kiss | Role: Joseph Steiner

SQ 1932 | Chandu the Magician | Role: Roxor the Magician

SQ 1932 | White Zombie | Role: ‘Murder’ Legendre

SQ 1932 | Murders in the Rue Morgue | Role: Dr. Mirakle

SQ 1933 | The Devil’s in Love | Role: Military Prosecutor

SQ 1933 | International House | Role: General Nicholas Branovsky Petronovich

SQ 1933 | Night of Terror | Role: Degar

SQ 1933 | The Whispering Shadow | Role: Professor Adam Anton Strang

SQ 1933 | Hollywood on Parade No. A-8 | Role: Dracula (Note: A film short)

SQ 1934 | The Mysterious Mr. Wong | Role: Mr. Fu Wong aka Li See (listed as Béla Lugosi)

SQ 1934 | The Return of Chandu | Role: Frank Chandler - Chandu

SQ 1934 | Gift of Gab | Role: French Apache Dancer

SQ 1934 | The Black Cat | Role: Dr. Vitus Werdegast

SQ 1935 | Phantom Ship | Role: Anton Lorenzen / A. Gottlieb

SQ 1935 | Murder by Television | Role: Dr. Arthur Perry / Edwin Perry

SQ 1935 | Chandu on the Magic Island | Role: Frank Chandler - Chandu

SQ 1935 | The Raven | Role: Dr. Richard Vollin

SQ 1935 | Mark of the Vampire | Role: Count Mora

SQ 1935 | The Best Man Wins | Role: Doc Boehm

SQ 1936 | I Shadow of Chinatown | Role: Victor Poten

SQ 1936 | Postal Inspector | Role: Gregory Benez

SQ 1936 | The Invisible Ray | Role: Dr. Felix Benet

SQ 1937 | SOS Coast Guard | Role: Boroff

SQ 1939 | Ninotchka | Role: Administrator Razinin

SQ 1939 | The Human Monster | Role: Dr. Feodor Orloff

SQ 1939 | The Gorilla | Role: Peters

SQ 1939 | Son of Frankenstein | Role: Ygor the Hunchback

SQ 1939 | The Phantom Creeps | Role: Dr. Alex Zorka

SQ 1940 | You’ll Find Out | Role: Prince Saliano

SQ 1940 | Fantasia | Segment: Night on Bald Mountain (Lugosi had the uncredited role as the artist model for the devil appearing in the segment)

SQ 1940 | The Devil Bat | Role: Dr. Paul Carruthers

SQ 1940 | Black Friday | Role: Eric Marnay

SQ 1940 | The Saint’s Double Trouble | Role: The Partner

SQ 1941 | The Wolf Man | Role: Bela the Gypsy

SQ 1941 | Spooks Run Wild | Role: Nardo

SQ 1941 | The Black Cat | Role: Eduardo Vigos

SQ 1941 | Invisible Ghost | Role: Charles Kessler

SQ 1942 | Bowery at Midnight | Role: Professor Brenner aka Karl Wagner

SQ 1942 | Night Monster | Role: Rolf

SQ 1942 | The Corpse Vanishes | Role: Dr. George Lorenz

SQ 1942 | The Ghost of Frankenstein | Role: Ygor the Hunchback

SQ 1942 | Black Dragons | Role: Dr. Melcher aka Monsieur Colomb a Prisoner

SQ 1943 | The Return of the Vampire | Role: Armand Tesla / Dr. Hugo Bruckner

SQ 1943 | Ghosts on the Loose | Role: Emil

SQ 1943 | Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man | Role: The Frankenstein Monster

SQ 1943 | The Ape Man | Role: Dr. James Brewster

SQ 1944 | One Body Too Many | Role: Merkil

SQ 1944 | Return of the Ape Man | Role: Prof. Dexter

SQ 1944 | Voodoo Man | Role: Dr. Marlowe

SQ 1945 | Zombies on Broadway | Role: Professor Paul Renault

SQ 1945 | The Body Snatcher | Role: Joseph

SQ 1946 | Genius at Work | Role: Stone

SQ 1947 | Scared to Death | Role: Prof. Leonide

SQ 1948 | Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein | Role: Count Dracula

SQ 1949 | Suspense (TV Show) | Role: Fortunato in A Cask of Amontillado (1949)

SQ 1950 | The Paul Winchell Show (TV Series) | Role: Count Dracula - broadcast October 2, 1950

SQ 1952 | Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla | Role: Dr. Zabor

SQ 1952 | Vampire Over London | Role: The Vampire

SQ 1953 | Glen or Glenda | Role: Scientist

SQ 1955 | Bride of the Monster | Role: Dr. Eric Vornoff

SQ 1956 | The Black Sleep | Role: Casimir

SQ 1959 | Plan 9 from Outer Space | Role: Old Man

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