Classic Hollywood Memorabilia Auction

June 26, 2011: The Bonham's auction company will be presenting a Hollywood "Entertainment Memorabilia including Animation Art" at 10:00 auction on June 26 at 7601 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. Besides the usual signed photos and props

(for example, the bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) there are many personal items that belonged to various classic Hollywood film stars, correspondence, and private papers.

For example, Bonham's is auctioning a signed Lon Chaney photo from The Unknown, the 1927 silent film which also starred Joan Crawford and John Gilbert.

Included in the auction are vintage publicity portrait collections from various sources, with photographs by photographers like Ted Allan, Russell Ball, Clarence Sinclair Bull, Irving Lippman, Eugene Robert Richee, WM. E. Thomas, William Walling Jr., Vandamm, Russell Ball, Clarence Sinclair Bull, Irving Chidnoff, De Forrest, Elmer Fryer, Ruth Harriet Louise, Alber J. Kopec, John Miehle, Frank Powolny and Bert Si, among others.

Examples of some of the pieces at this auction: a group of six black albums containing a collection of over three hundred film stills from the earliest of Norma Shearer films, and Norma Shearer's personal film dupe of her 1936 Romeo and Juliet. A photo album that belonged to Irving Thalberg. A seven page handwritten filmography by Barbara Stanwyck on her stationary stapled together with a note to publicist Helen Ferguson reading in part: "My goodness that's an awful mess of pictures isn't it - and some were 'a mess' too." Various Marilyn Monroe items are included in the auction, too.

The Printed Catalogue from Bonham's is #19045 and costs $40. A complete illustrated, internet-friendly version of the auction lots are online here.

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