Bebe Daniels -The Marathon - 1919Bebe Daniels -The Marathon - 1919bebe Daniels -The MarathonBebe Daniels -The Marathon - 1919 Bessie Love - The Matinee IdolBessie Love - The Matinee Idol - 1928Kagemusha 1980 1Kagemusha 1980 2Kagemusha 1980 3

The Marathon

Harold Lloyd the Marathon 1919

The Marathon - Released May 25, 1919. Directed by Alf Goulding

This 10-minute, 1-reel comedy has a very loose plot in which Lloyd shows up at the home of "The Girl" (Bebe Daniels) to join in the line of suitors seeking her hand in marriage, and then mishaps and a series of chases and mistaken identities follow. The gags are not necessarily related to the plot, which is thin, and simply allows for the energetic Mr. Lloyd to set up a series of gags, the most memorable being his version of the "mirror gag" in which Lloyd's character pretends to be a mirror image of a plain clothes police officer staring through the frame of a broken mirror, with Lloyd trying to mimic his every move so he doesn't realize he's there (this same gag, which is almost certainly from vaudeville, shows up more famously in a long sketch in the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup of 1933).

Bebe Daniels doesn't have much to do except looked shocked at the mayhem Lloyd's character ("The Boy") causes, usually be accident, as he tries to outrun either the police or Daniels' outraged father. She does sneak in various looks right into the camera lens as if to say "yes, it's me, Bebe Daniels." By 1919, she was 18 years old and already a 14 year veteran of stage and screen.

Harold Lloyd The MarathonHarold Lloyd The MarathonHarold Lloyd The Marathon Harold Lloyd The MarathonMirror Gag - Harold Lloyd - The Marathon 1919

The Matinee Idol 1928

The Matinee Idol - 1928The Matinee Idol - 1928The Matinee Idol - 1928The Matinee Idol - 1928

The Matinee Idol - Released March 14, 1928. Directed by Frank Capra

Gloria Swanson

Gloria Swanson

Murder, My Sweet

Murder My Sweet

Murder, My Sweet - Released Dec 9, 1944. Directed by Edward Dmytryk

Girl: "You're being sidetracked"

Marlowe: "What do you mean sidetracked?"

Girl: "You'll find out"

The Maltese Falcon may have set up the standard for the tough-guy investigator out on a limb, and Murder, My Sweet takes the genre into similar waters, but without the bullet-proof Bogart attitude to shield the protagonist. Dick Powell's version of Philip Marlowe has the cagey private investigator pushed around, beaten-up, drugged (with heroin) and generally played with by everyone because no one can keep their story straight about the missing person of Velma, ex-con Moose Malloy's ex-girlfriend (she probably never was his 'girlfriend,' but he thick-headedly is convinced she was) and Marlowe is hired to find her. Why is everyone dodging Marlowe's questions and making up soon-to-be-penetrated lies? Raymond Chandler's book hits the screen with veteran screen-crooner Powell playing Marlowe as a mostly-average guy who with a special knack for untying knots, though he has to first get it wrong several times.

Guy: "I don't think you even know which side you're on."

Marlowe: "I don't know which side anybody's on."

Lon Chaney Jr., Ghost of Frankenstein

Ghost of Frankenstein - released March 13, 1942. Directed by Erle C. Kenton

Revived again (with Lon Chaney Jr. doing the honors) and again taken under Ygor's wing (Bela Lugosi returns as the hunchbacked lab assistant), the two set out for a better environment when it is clear the local villagers don't want them around. They travel to Frankenstein's other son's (Ludwig Frankenstein) home town and set up shop. When it becomes clear a new brain is going to be needed, Ygor is first in line to volunteer, with an obvious relish, envisioning a future in which his brain could direct the actions of a powerful, gigantic body.

Ghost of Frankenstein - Evelyn Ankers and Lon Chaney Jr

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