Ingrid Pitt

Ingrid Pitt

Actress INGRID PITT (born Ingoushka Petrov) starred in many well known Hammer horror films, maybe the best known being Countess Dracula from 1971. She also starred in Where Eagles Dare and appeared in the David Lean directed Dr. Zhivago.

Her experiences as a child imprisoned by the Germans in a concentration camp during World War II was in production as a short film titled Beyond the Forest at the time of her death. It was completed and released in 2011with her voice-over narration.

Pitt also wrote a number of books. Her novel Cuckoo Run appeared in 1980. A partial list of her books are:

Cuckoo Run - 1980
The Perons - 1984
Eva's Spell - 1985
Katarina - 1986
The Autobiography of Ingrid Pitt : Life's A Scream - 1999
Ingrid Pitt Bedside Companion for Ghosthunters - 1999
Annul Domini - 2012
Dracula Who... - 2012

Ingrid Pitt November 21, 1937 – November 23, 2010.

[Below: Photo of Ingrid Pitt, photo promo for Where Eagles Dare.]

Ingrid Pitt Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare - 1968

Ingrid Pitt - Where Eagles Dare 1

Ingrid Pitt - Where Eagles Dare 2

Ingrid Pitt - Where Eagles Dare 3

Ingrid Pitt - Where Eagles Dare 4

Ingrid Pitt - Where Eagles Dare 5

Ingrid Pitt - Where Eagles Dare 6

Ingrid Pitt - Where Eagles Dare 7

Sky News Obit on Ingrid Pitt Death

Ingrid Pitt Obit Sky

Read the Sky News obit online here.

Ingrid Pitt

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