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Norma Shearer - 1902 - 1983

Famed actress of Hollwyood's silent and 'Golden" eras, and wife of Irving Thalberg, the "Miracle Boy" of Hollywood producers.

Shearer may be best known in the 21st century for her starring role in the 1939 film The Women, though throughout the 1930s she had few competitors for fame and the pick of good scripts at M-G-M (it didn't hurt that her husband was one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood).

Norma Shearer was also the sponsor for Janet Leigh and did the initial work to begin her Hollywood career.

Norma Shearer, 1927

Norma Shearer

The Women 1939 - Joan Crawford Norma Shearer

Norma Shearer & Irving Thalberg - 1928

Norma Shearer & Irving Thalberg - 1928

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Norma Shearer, 1936

Norma Shearer, 1936

Chester Morris and Norma Shearer, 1930

Chester Morris and Norma Shearer

From The Divorcee, 1930

Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer

Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer

While making Romeo and Juliet, 1936

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