Penguin Pool Murder, 1932

Edna May Oliver and James Gleason - The Penguin Pool Murders 1932

James Gleason and Edna May Oliver, usually supporting players in a hundred other classic Hollywood films, have the leads in this short murder mystery (65 minute) which mostly plays out at the New York City Aquarium

Gleason is a seasoned police detective called in to look at a corpse found in an aquarium tank (more corpses will follow as the story progresses) and Edna May Oliver is a school teacher leading a group of children on a field trip when the killing occurs.

As the police begin making slip-shod conclusions based on circumstantial evidence, Edna May steps in and begins straightening out the mess will astute observations. Impressed, James Gleason's detective starts to get a little smitten at the prodigious brain power of this spinsterish school marm.

A lot of snappy comedy (both leads have plenty of 1930s style sardonic patter) is mixed in with the body count, and both Oliver and Gleason get to mug at the camera with abandon.

Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 1Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 2Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 3Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 4Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 5Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 6Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 7Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 8Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 9Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 10Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 11Penguin Pool Murders 1932 - 12

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