Tahiti - Murnau Tabu 1931

Tabu - 1931

Murnau 1931 - Tabu

F. W. Murnau's 1931 film made in cooperation with Robert Flaherty (of Nanook of the North fame) and shot on location in Tahiti.

Murnau had bought a yacht while in Hollywood and made a trip to Bali, encouraged by his love for Gaugain paintings and his own reading about Pacific islander culture. The trip expanded into a general tour of the South Pacific and then developed into a film project which allowed Murnau to marry together his two chief interests at the time.

Murnau 1931 - TabuMurnau 1931 - TabuMurnau 1931 - TabuMurnau 1931 - TabuMurnau 1931 - TabuTabu - Murnau 1931

The Trojan Women 1971

The Trojan Women - Released September 27, 2971, Directed by Michael Cacoyannis.

In the aftermath of the Greek army finally defeating the Trojans, the ruined remains of the city and population are faced with execution, slavery or insanity in this version of the play by Euripides.

Helen (Irene Papas) wants to stay alive in the face of Greek vengeance, Cassandra (Geneviève Bujold) is trying to stop her crumbling mental state, Andromache (Vanessa Redgrave) needs to find a way to keep her young son alive (the Trojan males are being eliminated), and Hecuba (Katherine Hepburn) is the leader of this band of women, trying to find a way to keep them all alive.

The Trojan Women 1971The Trojan Women 1971The Trojan Women 1971The Trojan Women 1971The Trojan Women 1971

Jon Hall and Dorothy Lamour - The Hurricane

We're going to get married

Jon Hall (as Terangi) and Dorothy Lamour (as Marama) are in love and looking forward to a happy life together on their home island of Manukura, but they're soon to be victimized by colonial power (in the form of Raymond Massey as a by-the-book governor over another island where Terangi gets in trouble for punching a white man) and what follows are eight years of undeserved punishment and imprisonment, interspersed with Terangi's desperate attempts to get free and go home. It will take Governor DeLaage (Massey) growing up a little, a lot of unnecessary injustice and a gigantic special-effect laden hurricane to set things right (right? Well, at least set things better. The film starts with Thomas Mitchell - - as Dr. Kersaint - - passing Manukura on a cruise ship and weeping a little as he gazes out at the place. Why is he weeping and smiling? That's what the next 105 minutes shows us.)

The South Pacific as both a paradise and a tricky place is the story in John Ford's 1937 The Hurricane, just released on Bluray, and Amazon.com would be glad to sell you a copy. (The high-definition isn't perfect, and restoration looks incomplete, if it was done at all, but it is the best looking version of the film I have yet seen for home video.)

Jon Hall and Dorothy Lamour - The HurricaneJon Hall and Dorothy Lamour - The HurricaneJon Hall and Dorothy Lamour - The Hurricane

The Mummy's Tomb - 1942

The Mummys Tomb - Turhan Bey Lon Chaney Jr

The mummy Kharis terrorizes New England - More on the Mummy's Tomb

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