Them! 1954

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This giant atomic ant movie set the template for radioactive insects reaching enormous size during the sci-fi boom of the 1950s. The title is derived from a little girl who is found wandering in deep shock after her family has mysteriously vanished out in the desert of New Mexico. When she finally comes out of her catatonic state, she begins shouting "Them! Them!"

Fighting the Giant Ants in Them 1954

The military is mobilized and the story shifts across the southwest until there is a showdown with the spreading giant ant colony and the army in the sewer system of Los Angeles.

The basic plot was cannibalized by many other films, but maybe none so cleverly as James Cameron's Aliens from 1986.

Them! Released June 19, 1954

Starring James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Wldon, James Arness

Ant Attack

Poster Tem 1954

Them Ant Poster 1954

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