Flaxy Martin, 1949

Flaxy Martin Virginia Mayo

Zachary Scott plays conflicted Attorney Walter Colby, one of the angriest lawyers I've ever seen, there's no Perry Mason-esque cool-headed efficiency under pressure in his legal work for mob boss Hap Richie (Douglas Kennedy). Virginia Mayo is a money-hungry show girl named Flaxy who is using Zachary to build up her personal wealth, and will effortlessly sell him out to the police, letting him get framed (actually he frames himself, no wonder he's so angry) for the murder of a snitch that had ratted on gangleader Hap.

Dorothy Malone is the superficially plain-girl who is the reverse of the "heart of Ice" character played by Mayo (Malone is our hero in the tale). She rescues Scott after he escapes police custody, but the pair end up handcuffed together and at the mercy of perennially malfunctioning gangster hit man Elisha Cook, Jr.

What the film lacks in subtlety (Mayo is so smart she ends up outsmarting herself) it makes up for with speed and plot efficiency, and the infrequent action sequences are well done. Directed by Richard L. Bare, story by David Lang.

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